My name is Sarah Marie.

Basically, I'm a nineteen year old graphic design student diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta type I. This is not exactly my personal/main tumblr, but a weight loss/fitness blog as well as just an extra space to post my thoughts.

I am doing this the healthy way. I stopped caring about UGW's a while ago.

Measuring Tape > Scale

BMI: 21.6
Body Fat Percentage: 25%
Pant Size: 9
Shirt Size: M (in women's) ; S (in men's)
Bust: -2in
Waist: -4.5in
Navel: -5in
Hips: -2in
Upper Arms: -2in
Upper Thighs: -1in

According to Lose It!, I should obtain my goal weight of 123lbs by July 29th, 2011

Broke my wrist by leaning on it.

No shit. Awesome.

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No I live here but I hate it and wish I lived pretty much almost anywhere but here. 

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WATCH! He’s great! Good points about health and fitness!

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Weigh In Monday: 143lbs. Gained a lot from my road trip. No big shocker there. I ate everything in sight. ;) On a side note, my shoes also wreaked and so did my pants from spilling smoothie on them. Awesome 24 hours.. But I’m glad to have my best friend back in Vegas.


Plan for 1/18: 1450 calorie allowance. Ab work today as well as Jari and Billy - 3 hours total. Shoot for 90oz of water today.


1 egg white - 15 cals

Banana - 90 cals

Subway, Turkey Footlong - 740 cals

Strawberries - 46 cals

Baby Carrots - 35 cals

Total Intake: 926 cals and way too many carbs. :D Thanks, bread. 


Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six Pack + 2 mini core workouts (-300)

Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo (-650)

Jari Love’s Get Ripped! To the Core (-500)

Total Output: (-1450)

Reblog if your sleeping schedule is fucked up.


Can’t wait for Monday. :|

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